Many still think Cameroon urban music is yet to break international frontiers well let me shock you.
“I’ve got the power to take you go higher” from the song “Power ” the first of project power which has #Rythmz,Magasco,locko,Minks and Tenor.(Still one of my favorite Camer collabos)

Well science and psychology has proven that sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being. Music therapy can reduce pain and anxiety and improve quality of life.This brings us to our object of the day.

Meet Christophe Lafontant a 32 years old American from Northern New Jersey. He first became sick in 1990 when he was six years old with what he recently found out to be a rare degeneration muscle disease called “MYOFRIBULLAR MYOPATHY” with a mutation of his desmon gene.

Myofribullar Myopathy is a part of a group of disease called muscular dystrophy that affects muscle function and causes weakness (You can google to know more).

Christophe Lafontant despite all odds have survived a pacemaker implantation, two hearts implants,diabetes, dialysis treatment, a kidney transplant, a tracheotomy and other life Altering procedures

Here is the story,recently he was in New York Presbyterian hospital in Columbia New York where he spent 3 weeks in ICU,(intensive care unit) .Where he was undergoing several surgeries,he confesses to have listened to Power a Song by Cameroonian artistes Rythmz ,Locko ,Magasco ,Minks and Tenor .He writes (as you can see below on the screenshots or you can check on his Instagram @1man_3hearts ) that he has been in ICU for 3 weeks and still got the #Power! He even went as much as tagging #Rythmz and according to our sources he sent the duo a private message thanking them for the song and encouraging them to keep doing inspirational and motivational songs.

Now that’s the”Power” of Cameroon Music.

PS : He is the author of the book “1man,3hearts, 9 lives” His autobiography, a story of hope, resilience and survival.


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