Cameroonian music singer/sound engineer in the group RYTHMZ k_master k has this evening, passed a message to the Cameroonian public about artist prioritization.

On the post, he talks about Nigerian blogs talking about “The gift” album but snobbing Cameroonian presence in the album which he says is prove that they know Cameroon had Alot to show them.

He begs on dijays and Cameroonian public to always prioritise Cameroonian songs on their playlist.

“Fellow Cameroonians.

So Nigerian blogs talk about #TheGift and Ignore our Cameroonian presence in the album!!! This is enough prove to us that they know what we possess, what we are calable of and they fear it.

Lets learn the lesson and prioritise our own Artists and music even if it means ignoring foreign artists, especially of the unsupportive Nigeria.
They won’t acknowledge us why should we keep putting their music above ours?

Cameroonian music is beautiful. Our artist are super talented and creative, our producers and sound engineers are very fit and equipped to deliver as they have proven time and again.

Dijays wuna help wuna quartier mehn dem nah.
Our artists are making good music, and have even more in hard drives, but how would they release when you still prioritise music from without on your playlists?

We cannot over-labour this point. Its time for action.
Atleast 50% of local music on our playlist and TV/Radio would help encourage artists and grow our baby industry.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Yours truly.”


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