SUH GODISZMA FUNGWA hails from Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon precisely from Bafut and started acting in the year 2013 with Noble Theater Arts where he performed stage plays. The latter later moved to Buea in 2014 for an educational adventure.

It’s in this same year that he joined the Cameroon Film industry and worked with NEW GENERATION ENTERTAINMENT (NEGENET). Later in 2017, he worked for DREAMSALIVE PRODUCTIONS of NKANYA NKWAI , a company he has been with till today. With the collaboration of some friends, they created the TIMELESS PICTURES and so far they have done a couple of skits.

Godisz Fungwa has featured in over 10 movie productions not only as an actor but equally behind the cameras both as productions manager and a productions assistant. Some of these movies are; A MAN FOR THE WEEKEND, WARD ZEE, A GOOD TIME TO DIVORCE CITE MALINGO (the series), amongst others with the most recent being the alarming SAVING MBANGO.

With hard work, determination, consistency, patience, excellence and passion being his drive, Godisz Fungwa won the award for best actor in a comedy skit at the Daval Comedy Complex Awards (DCC) for his role in comedy skits such as PICKPOCKET, MR SMITH, ROOSEY, MR BIMBOOM, PROPHET ETA just to mention a few.

As one of the lead roles in Saving Mbango which features Marvis Ann , Ojong Solange , Yimga Stephanie, Tum Stéphanie as producer, Lynno Lovert as writer and Nkanya Nkwai as Director, Godisz Fungwa dreams of a very Bright future for the film industry in Cameroon and the continent. Save the date and be a part of the 26th October movie premier if the movie Saving Mbango proudly sponsored by Orange Cameroon.


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