It is no news to anyone that Kameni is slowly but steadily gaining grounds in the music industry. From a video vixen, to mashup artist, she can boast today of a stable career in music with the release of her two songs, BOSS and NAYO NAYO which has been on the lips of most Cameroonians at home and in the diaspora.

In a brief talk with our Wednesday crush, the latter shares her experience so far and her prospects for the future. To begin with, she expresses satisfaction at the positive energy that flows each time she is on stage. An energy which makes her fans happy, an energy which increases her fan base.

Being a video Vixen was a major she played before now and it is from this activity that she finally found the opening to take music to the next level. With her positive energy, Kameni is in no haste to collaborate with her female counterparts. She feels that everything comes with time but Blanche Bailey will definitely be her very first pick for a collabo.

Furthermore, Kameni feels inspired by every single artist in the industry, reason why she is always seen hanging out with a lot of them.

When asked about the story behind NAYO NAYO, she makes reference to no particular story, but generally what she sees around on a daily basis which takes her to thanking God for watching her back all through 2019. A year she says has been great and full of posivity.

Apart from music, our Wednesday crush looks up to the K-TWOs she used in the NAYO NAYO, Epule Jeffrey, Malvis Ann, Desmond White and Syndy Emade as her top five Cameroonian actors.

Finally, our dear kameni tells us that in Gomez, she sees a brother, a friend and in fact family.


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