Bliss International Holdings is multimedia, consultancy, marketing and production company for over the years have been working with alot of individuals in the domain of career orientation, talent development and also in career management.

We have had enormous results and it is our pleasure to bring to you our officially signed talents with which we would continue not just to bring out the best in them, but also to propose the best of them to the world.

Here are the list of official signees under Bliss Management:
– *yndy Emade- Actress/Producer/Entrepreneur/ Philanthropist
– Nchifor Valery- Actor / Educationalist

– Candylaurice TEA Actress/Accountant/Chef
– *Epule Jeffrey* – Actor/ Jurist
– *Lisongo Robinson* – Actor / Entrepreneur
– *Ngato Brian* – Actor / Producer / Marketer

It should be noted that Bliss Management has alot of other protégés in other fields like music, fine arts, communication, etc under our observation and scrutiny. They would be brought to the public in due time.

We therefore welcome the above mentioned to a new adventure and a new professional experience.



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