LINOR COSMETICS is a Beauty and Make-up brand owned by Cameroonian entrepreneur Linor.LINOR COSMETICS doesn’t only represents Linor but her heritage as well.

As a young African woman,her goal is to showcase Africa in all its diversity and not being pressurized by European beauty standards.
The primary goal at LINOR COSMETICS is to provide quality makeup products at affordable prices,bringing glam to the African women of color.
After thorough preparations and test,it launches its first set of products(Lash extensions,lipsticks and glosse.

Product discription:
Each one of them boast its own pigment and pearl complex.some are beautifully iridescent,infused with pearls,and others are packed with rich pigments or have subtle,glimmering glitters.The non-sticky and cushion-like texture make wear more comfortable than ever while the precision,heart-shaped flock glides on generosly for an even coat in one gesture.Incorporated into an adherent yet flexible dewy base,it gives lips a sculpted and volumized gleam visible from every angle.
Product discription:
The LINOR matte liquid lipsticks comes in a lipkit(a matte lipliner +a matte liquid lipstick).This lipstick is a long-wearing,waterproof,smudge-resistant,matte lip color.This saturated liquid formula delivers an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy swipe.A single application gives you smear-resistant coverage that stays put for hours.One sweep delivers full coverage,intense pigment,vibrant long wearing color that sets all day,in an easy to apply liquid formula.its contains Coconut oil and vitamin E to soothing lips,plus a natural fragrance of vanilla.its comes in two formulas;
Formula 1:Ultra matte,long lasting,dreis fast and less thick.
Formula 2:Creamy matte,long lasting,more moisture.

Product specifications:
Fur from young minks(1.5-2 years) is used for our mink lashes because this fur is more glossy and vital and the fur is collected when minks fall thier hair every year.The band used is specially made from Korea,black in color,strong,thin and soft hence very comfortable for the eyes.They are 100% handmade,of grate quality and original designs.Can be reusable for a period of 4months and even more depending on how good you care for them.Come in a luxurious packaging to ease storage.


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