The year 2019 looks like that year Cameroonians will always remember. Well just in case you just woke up from a profound comatose,let me inform you that a Cameroonian won the NBA playoffs, another Cameroonian featured in Beyonce’s Album. What am I saying? I’m saying this year 2019 has been the year Cameroonians have excelled in different domains, from sport to the Cinema, from Music to fashion ,startups have been born, international prizes have been won ,all in all it has been a great year. It’s not the end of the year yet but so much has been achieved.

As I said above the year 2019 has really been a great year but then what caught our attention in the fashion world or rather who caught our attention is ManLikeClix just like many Cameroonians in many fields he is a prodigy in the fashion domain, though yet to discovered by many but already celebrated .He is without doubt the definition of Modern day African gentleman.

Born Gwei Noel Yenkong, ManLikeClix has his unique creative styles that makes him peculiar. ManLikeClix was born and raised in Cameroon ,precisely the town of Bamenda .Now based in Europe ,he is between Berlin and London .He is a style consultant and Creative director at Alessandro Veneto. 2019 so far has been an extremely successful year for the style consultant as his works had gone viral a few times and he appeared on some of the biggest fashion magazines like , #AfroCourrier etc. He is known for his blend of Afrocentric fashion style and Italian style which he calls “Fusion Style”
ManLikeClix had studied marketing and cinematography at the university in Germany before engaging in fashion stating his main influences to be Fela kuti and an uncle who amazed him as a kid as well as nature and fashion styles around him.

He is still making waves in the domain of fashion and Travel on Instagram as well as his fashion blog . The fashion industry might still be experimental to Cameroonians, but we are blessed with a huge cultural diversity making fashion sort of raw gold .
It may sound cliché but ManLikeClix is the fashionista to look out for.
For those who are having issues sorting good outfit for whatever occasion here is someone to help you.His social media handles are:

Facebook: The Noel Closet
His fashion blog is


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