Nipsey Hussle’s shooter has been identified as a member of his set “Rollin 60’s Crips” by the name of “SHITTY Cuz” a known “shooter”. Nipsey asked him to leave his property due to prior conflict of him snitching ,but he felt disrespected so he came back shooting Nipsey Hussle reportedly knew his killer.

It has been alleged that a fellow west coast rapper known as Fly Macc, was the trigger man inthe shooting death of Nipsey.According to multiple eyewitness reports, Macc and Nipsey got into a heated exchange outside the store before he left to get a gun.

In surveillance footage of theincident obtained by TMZ, a man believed to be Fly Macc can be seen shooting Nipseymultiple times, while 2 other men were hit by stray bullets.Apparently, there was a prior dispute, and Nipsey questioned Macc’s known affiliation with the L.A.P.D. and accused him of being a snitch. Eyewitnesses believe that Fly Macc felt disrespected when Nipsey told him to leave his property, and a couple minutes later, the shooting happened.According to additional reports, a woman drove the getaway vehicle.Video not supported.


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