The industry in Cameroon witnesses an innovation everyday as more and more ideas come up to better the business.

Vanessa Ngwe, the CEO of Glamour a modeling agency based in Bamenda recently launched a campaign to chose the face of the house. This contest ran for a week from the 1st – 7th of November on instagram.

This contest was limited to models of that particular house and for a whole week, fashion stakeholders in Bamenda have been vibing to the contest.

At the end of it, Sirri Claribel, a degree holder in Geography and Planning emerged winner and will be represent Glamour for a whole season.

Clara believes there is Beauty and potential in every woman out there and she won’t only stand for beauty, but will be an advocate for the education of the girl child. This breakthrough comes to Clara at a time when she has successfully pursued an educational adventure and is ready to put her talent and brains for nation building.

Glamour has recently been involved in so many life impacting activities in the North West region and beyond. Their struggle for the respect of the female gender has been second to none and their activities are serious back by the ministry of arts and culture.

Tumbs up Vanessa Ngwe, tumbs up Clara, and tumbs up to Glamour.


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