Before becoming a movie producer, EMBI Productions founder Stephanie Tum has had some experience in the movie industry as an actor. She made the move to open a production house because she felt there was a lot that could be done to improve the Cameroon Film Industry and the best way to have a considerable impact was from the seat of a producer.

Saving Mbango is the maiden movie project of EMBI Productions, this movie is here to do more than just entertain us. There is a lot that goes into running a production house – a steep learning curve which we are climbing and at the same time sharing what we are learning along the way.

EMBI Productions is proud to say that some of you have already seen the difference they are bringing to the industry and they invite you with enthusiasm to stay with them and be part of this schooling they are undergoing.

They want to build real movie stars. They want to help our best talents develop and show them to the world in a good light. They continue to take pages from the books of other more developed film industries around the world while realizing that they cannot just copy and paste. They take what they believe can work for Cameroonians here and leave what does not apply. They add their own Cameroonian sauce with the goal of defining our own standards. Standards that will work for Cameroonians and Cameroonians only.

Are you a fan of movies or someone with dreams of being employed in the movie industry? Then EMBI Productions should be your first stop. They will get to the premiere but on the way, they will learn a lot and after the premiere, they will continue to learn and develop. This is the beginning of a never ending journey.


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