My name Ewanga Linda. I am 30 years old, a divorcee and I have 2 children; 2 sons.
I got married at 23. I never really dated my husband. My parents thought I was old enough to be married and so they hooked me up with some one even before I could finish school.

My father is a very strict man. You can imagine my childhood. I can say i missed out on all the fun as a young girl. I never partied, I didn’t keep late nights, I almost never went out of the house well dressed unless it was school or church related. Well, I forced my self to church so I could take a break from my father’s wildness. I can’t say if he was much a Christian and I can’t say I went to church often for the love of God.

Marriage came, I moved in with my husband and I continued with the same boring life. He didn’t let me work or do anything. I was a house wife. Laundry, cleaning, cooking and sex. Within 5 years of our marriage we had 2 kids. On my 28th birth day, he bought me a smart phone. Oh! My life changed! (I’d never had one. My parents were obviously not the type of parents who would buy one for me and my husband, noo.. he didn’t think I didn’t one either).

I use to have a facebook account(created in cyber cafe), I hadn’t been in it for the longest because hubby wouldn’t let me. Him buying a smart phone for me was definitely a change of mind. I got connected, contacted my old friends and goshh! My life was terrible.
Did I mention my husband was 15 years older than me? Yes he was!

My friends were slaying. None of them were married, they moved in and out of the country like they traveled to their villages. They owned cars, they partied every now and then. I knew that was the life i wanted. I didn’t want to be stocked in some man’s house any more.
Imagine me feeling like I wasn’t living. All sorts of regrets and wishes ran through my head. “I Should have stronger and fought for my self; so I said in my head”.

I contacted Bate Miriam.. my course mate back in the university. She was one of the slayers. I wanted to be like her , i felt so bad that i missed out on all the fun. We became close again, I started keeping late nights, sleeping in night clubs, getting excited with all what was going on.

My husband complained but I didn’t care any more, he complained to my parents but that didn’t matter still. My kids were still young. 4 years old and 2 years old but guess what? I moved out of my husband’s house and I moved in with Miriam.

Too much of being a free loader, I had to start bringing in money too. I was introduced to some older men… the story got nasty.. well, here I am. I am 30, my husband has remarried and my sons live with them. I’m not even allowed to visit because my children don’t like me.

Too much to learn from my story or maybe not…. I’ll let you solve the puzzles.

Did i mention those girls didn’t really own cars? They drove the cars of their sugar daddies but well… who cares? Nobody!
So long as you successful on social media, no body cares about the rest.

I may not really sound remorseful from the narration of my story. May I am, may I am not.
I’m stocked on the other side of the bridge, and the bridge is broken.

Cc: SandraNong

If the grass is greener on the other side, stop starring, stop comparing, stop wishing you were on the other side. Start watering yours so it regains it’s originality.


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