The movie Industry then before now had no major Production houses, had no actors and actresses that could stand out to compete with foreign movies but Cameroonian movie makers put in work, created Production houses, took a bold step to level up.

There’re people in the movie Industry that cannot be left out if we’re talking about movies and growth of the movie Industry and this write up can’t end without mentioning a few of them.

Syndy Emade, Stephanie Tum, Agbor Gilbert Ebot, Allene Menget, and many others have worked tirelessly to keep the Industry going.

Today we celebrate These people especially Agbor Gilbert Who has not only decided to produce movies but has also decided to put up a forum where foreign movies can come in and stand with Cameroonian movies there by making foreign film makers discover what Cameroon has; which is the CAMEROON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (CAMIFF) .


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