We are in an era where we need to give a shot at every sign, goodwill and righteousness. “*When God Leads*” by Daniel Nyah Allo is a publication that comes to elaborate on the differences between the laws of Good and Evil. In this same except, we equally give you an inside life of the author.

“When God leads, He leads in the path wherein He is and which He has been through.”
– Daniel Nyah Allo

Life can be very frustrating, uncertain, and full of fears when there’s no yardstick or reference by which a person can measure the accuracy of his or her decisions regarding the affairs of life; and be confident about the outcome. This book “WHEN GOD LEADS” will keep the reader a good distance away from the cycle of loses, pain, and disappointments which are often the results of making poor and unhealthy life decisions. God offers us the healthiest and most cost effective guide to making right choices and decisions in life, and consequently having the results we seek and which He desires for us. In a very simple to understand presentation of the leadership of God in this book, you’ll learn about the beauty of God’s presence, how God leads, the proofs of a God-led life, the different ways via which God speaks, how to hear God’s voice, and a lot more. This book will help you walk confidently in God’s plans for your life and secure the satisfying experiences of God’s leadership. It’s a must read, for anyone who desires a walk in the perfect will of God.

*The Author:*
Daniel Nyah Allo is passionate about helping men effortlessly walk in God’s plans for their lives by teaching the ways of life in the light of God. He writes with uncomplicated clarity, relating the mind of God, with creation and everyday life experiences. He’s the author of The LightWalk – a daily devotional, A Better Life in 31 Days series, Making Rich the Poor, and now When God Leads. He purposefully serves as lead Pastor of Christlife Assembly Church in Cameroon, and speaks at purpose and success seminars and conferences. He is married to a loving woman Henrietta Nyah, and they are blessed with a son.


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